Our Principles

  • We Embrace Diversity
  • We Explore the Unknown
  • We Captivate Audiences

Who We Are

Just us & Otto, Qatar

In Qatar, we’re part of the fastest growing economy in the Middle East. The country has a clear national vision and an impressive events calendar that includes the 2022 Football World Cup and around 40 international sports competitions. Honesty and credibility are our watchwords. Only relationships built on solid foundations can excel. We can understand your brand and win you fans with a clear and concise image.

Transforming consumers into Fans

We brew together every aspect of creative, physical and digital resources into engaging brand experiences. By developing interactive scenarios, our audiences are drawn into the brand’s magic, complete with its values and personality through our brand development and advertising strategies. Our creative skills are evident in our graphic and website designs, as well as our unique event management services and planning. We will provide solid, creative and innovative solutions to captivate and create positive changes while realizing brand dreams.

Your creative partner for emotional experiences

Just us & Otto unleashes creativity and connects people to brands at every step. Breaking away from our affiliated company to form our own identity meant making some tough decisions like, what we stand for? We built and developed a strong team that helps brands realize their potential. Well, we’re for everyone; we don’t have time to pretend. For us, authenticity is key. Time-pressured consumers and businesses need clear, concise and relevant information. We dream big and develop pioneering ideas. We are driven by goals and want to see our clients grow. To be noticed, you have to be different. You’ll be working with a multi-disciplinary team, each one of us explorers. We will convert our ideas into ingenious expressions exclusively for your brand.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in Qatar 2011
  • Rebranded in 2017
  • 20 Brand Experience Professionals
  • 40 Local & Multi-national Clients

The Team


Just us & Otto is an agency of multidisciplinary talents working as a unified team under the leadership of ideas. We translate brand values into brand experiences and build long-term brand-consumer relationships or in simple words: We create fans for brands.





Markus Hofmeister has been involved in the marketing industry since 2001. He has severed in several creative business developments in his International agencies in his home of Germany. After observing the potential of success in Qatar's business sector and studying the Gulf's markets and brands, Markus founded his marketing communications agency, Just us & Otto, which has been prospering ever since. Besides being a connoisseur of marketing, Markus is keen on supporting entrepreneurship, spending time in the water, and being with his loved ones.


Key Account Manager

Melissa Greenwood

Originating from South Africa, Melissa Greenwood has worked at several renowned international companies of luxury tours. Her experience in this industry sparked her desire to travel the world, and after journeying around the globe, she anchored in Qatar. Since being here, Melissa has worked alongside several key figures in leading roles on events in the country. When she is not venturing into other cultures and playing the role of a global representative, Melissa is visiting the sunny beaches of Cape Town and staying close to home.


Account Manager

Fadwa Chatit

Fadwa’s background in fashion allowed her to be part of multiple fashion shows and events. This made her realise that she belongs to the events world. After 10 years experience between Morocco and Turkey, working with European brands she decided to move to Qatar. There she managed fashion shows with participants from GCC countries, and Jewellery shows with brands from different parts of the globe. Besides being a huge football fanatic, she likes spending her free time doing Stand-up paddling and learning new languages other than Arabic, French, English, Spanish, and Turkish which she already fluently speaks.




George is a Creative Director, experienced in the print and digital arts, with a demonstrated history in the online media industry. Working for 15 years in the Middle East and Gulf countries, George leverages his exposure to a diversity of cultures and backgrounds in his creative work. He is also a certified social media and digital marketing expert, which enables him to design artwork that suits all digital platforms needs. Before joining Just us & Otto, George was working with some of the most prominent organizations in Doha.

Our Awards

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